Vehicles Come and Go

In February 1947, the Fire Company entered into a contract to purchase a Maxim 700 GPM pumper with a 500 gallon tank. The cost of this unit was $8,085. (In 1969, the fire company converted this pumper into the Dive Rescue Unit equipped with a cascade unit, six complete wet scuba suits, the motorized boat, […]

Apparatus Upgrade

September 1935, a Hale 500 GPM pumper was purchased for $6,555. The original apparatus was subsequently disposed of for $175.00.

Historical Station Report

On January 10th, 1928, the Chief submitted the following report for the year 1927: Number of fires 17 Times in service: 10 Number of field fires: 6 Number of house fires: 6 Number of store fires: 1 Number of hay barn fires: 2 Number of automobile fires: 2 Total number of chemical used: 123 Number […]

Very First Station Banquet

On December 14, 1926, a committee was appointed to arrange for the first annual banquet. “It was voted to make the banquet a stag.” The first annual banquet was then held in February, 1927.

Ladies Auxiliary Formed

The Ladies Auxiliary was also organized in 1925 and the officers and members of the company had good reason to be thankful for such an organization. Its financial support throughout the years has been a great asset to the Spring Mill Fire Company.

Grand Opening

On December 6, 1924, a housing ceremony was held in the new quarters with the Washington Fire Company of Conshohocken as sponsors.

First Siren Purchased

On December 5, 1924, “After testing the Siren, motion was made and carried to purchase the Siren – the price to be paid therefor being $125.”

First Fire Chief Elected, New Leaders

On September 5, 1924, a fire chief was elected for 1924-1925. “Samuel Glass: 13 votes, George T. MacFarland: 6 votes, Mat Pester: 2 votes. Samuel Glass elected. “On October 3, 1924, “the Fire Chief announced the following appointments: Frederick Oppelt, First Ass’t Chief; Harry W. Cressman, Second Ass’t. Chief; George T. MacFarland, Engineer; John Shulkaski, […]

Fun for the Community

On June 5, 1924, “arrangements were made to hold a street carnival on the grounds in front of the Lee plant on Saturday afternoon and evening, June 28th.” This was the first of the many carnivals to be held by the fire company. In later years, this carnival became the Fire Company’s biggest fund raiser; […]

The First Apparatus

The next very important step was to purchase a piece of apparatus and obtain a building to house this. On May 2, 1924, “Mr. Young, a salesman from the Hale Fire Pump Company, appeared at a meeting and stated that his company would furnish an apparatus as on display in the school yard at a […]