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Interested in Membership?

Spring Mill Fire Company is always in need of volunteers! If you are age 14 or older and are interested in finding out how you can become a volunteer firefighter with SMFC, visit the firehouse any Monday night after 7:00 p.m!

SMFC has three types of membership. Please note, all applications require $5 fee.

Active Member

Firefighters, Dive Unit, Fire Police

Active Membership responds to emergency calls with by becoming a Firefighter, Dive Unit Rescuer and/or Fire Police Officer or want to people who want to use their professional skills in the administration.

Contributing Member


Contributing Members are Fire Fighter 1 certified that can respond emergency calls in SMFC response area but are not able to meet the meeting or training requirements of Active Membership. Contributing members typically work in the SMFC response area and can respond to calls during work hours but live further away and cannot make trainings or Membership meetings.

Social Member

Anyone in the community can socialize with us

Social Membership grants access to the Spring Mill Social Room, the area’s best kept secret.

How to Join

All potential Active and Contributing members must complete all the steps to become a member at Spring Mill Fire Company.

Fill out an application

All potential members must fill out and sign the membership application. You can start the process by filling out an online interest form or print out your application and dropped off at the firehouse.

Announcement & Posting of Membership

At the next scheduled Membership meeting, each applicant’s name will be read out loud along with their two Active Member sponsors and the Membership Committee’s recommendation in favor or not in favor of the applicant.  The potential applicant’s name will be posted in the firehouse for 1 month until the next monthly Membership meeting.

Schedule In-person Orientation

After you fill out your application, the Membership Committee will contact you to schedule your in person orientation.  During the initial phone call, we will guide you on next steps, hear about your background and answer any questions you may have.

Background Checks

All background check results are evaluated on case by case basis due to the sensitivity our members being a position of a public trust.  Background checks that need to be completed by Orientation are.  You can use ‘Spring Mill Fire Company’ as the volunteer organization and the background fee will be waived.

Please note that Orientation cannot be scheduled until both background checks are completed.  Also note that “Pending/Submitted” background status is not Complete.


Joining the company is a great opportunity to give back to your community.   We believe everyone has something to contribute, from going on calls with our Fire, Dive or Fire Police teams to helping with the administration and committees of the Fire Company.

Some of the following skills directly translate to a significant role with the Fire Company:

  • CDL Driver/5th Wheel Camper experience -> Drive the Fire Trucks
  • Business Development/Corporate Strategy -> Fund Drive
  • Recreational Diver, Swimmer, Boater ->  Dive Team, Emergency Boat Operator, Swift Water Rescue
  • Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising -> Develop marketing plans or content for the Website, Social Media pages or Quarterly Mailing
  • Photographer, Video Production, -> Produce SMFC content for social media & web outlets
  • Corporate Finance/Accounting/Audit -> Financial Plan
  • Gas/Diesel/Boat Mechanic -> Apparatus Maintenance
  • Building Contractor/Construction/Landscaping -> Identify needed Grounds & Building Maintenance

Spring Mill Fire Company predominantly self-funded, and virtually all volunteer, meaning that we heavily rely on donations and fundraising to continue to provide our professional services.  We do not charge the public or the township for any response we provide.

Scroll up on this page for membership types, and fill out an application.  There is no residency requirement and all equipment and training will be supplied/paid for by SMFC.  All we ask for is your time and dedication.

Please see our Firefighter, Dive Team and Fire Police team pages.

In addition to our teams, the fire company administration is always looking for help with social media, photography, training opportunities, and general administration. We have several committees that oversee many areas of SMFC operations.  Please see above for how your professional skills and hobbies can contribute to the SMFC.

SMFC is virtually a 100% volunteer organization.  Almost every member is a volunteer who provides Fire Fighting, Dive, Fire Police or Administrative support that allows SMFC to respond to 300-400 calls per year and manage the operations of the Social Room, Ball Room, Fund Raising, and everything in between.

SMFC has one full-time paid Fire Fighter/Driver and rotating part-time paid shift available for qualified Fire Fighters.

There is no requirement for applicants to have prior experience for any of our teams.  We are here to help train and guide you through your volunteer service and only ask for your time and dedication.

SMFC is an almost all volunteer fire company that does not have set shifts or hours. Members are asked to respond to calls or attend trainings when they can.

To become a certified as a Fire Fighter 1, Montgomery County Fire Academy offers a 4-part class that is approximately 200 hours of training.

Spring Mill Fire Company does not require you to complete Fire Fighter 1 class to respond to calls, however, your level of training will dictate how much responsibility you will have on a fire scene.  It is recommended you take the first two classes if you have no prior firefighting experience.  Please see the Montgomery County Fire Academy website for a full list of available training: http://www.montcopa.org/136/Fire-Academy

What training do I need to take for Dive Team or Fire Police?

Dive Team requires no prior experience and will train new members at the weekly Dive Team trainings until a member is proficient.

Becoming a Fire Police Officer requires approval from the Whitemarsh Township Police Dept., after which you will be sworn in by our local Magistrate Judge.  Additionally, completion of the Basic Fire Police class is required within 1 year of being sworn in.

Can I join more that one SMFC team, eg, Fire Fighter & Dive Team?


There are several tangible and intangible benefits to joining SMFC

  • Pay-per-call:  Each Active Member earns $5 per call and training and $20 for each certification completed.  Active Members are paid in March for the previous year.
  • Insurance Benefits:
    • While on-duty, each Active member is covered by both Vehicle and Liability insurance and Workmans Comp.
    • Free Life Insurance
  • Uniform Allowance: Each Active Member receives $100 for approved uniform/equipment expenses each year.
  • Gym Reimbursement Program
    • SMFC pays for all training and basic equipment needed.
  • Unique Leadership Experience
    • Responding to emergency calls allows you to give back to your community while also building your leadership skills, team building skills and be able to solve dynamic, stressful situations with confidence.

Background checks for SMFC are free.  Please list ‘Spring Mill Fire Company’ as the volunteer organization on your background check to have the fee waived.

We welcome experienced Fire Fighters, Divers and Fire Police personnel.  All potential members must go through the application process outlined above.  Fire Police personnel will need to be approved by the Whitemarsh Police Department and sworn in.

We have many members who are also members of other fire companies in the area.  The only limitation is that you cannot be a member at both SMFC & Barren Hill township fire companies.

Beyond SMFC, there are county level opportunities such as Urban Search and Rescue and Hazmat Teams.   SMFC specialized in water rescue, which consists of Swift Water Rescue and Dive Team Operations.

No certifications are required to join the team.  If you are new to diving, you will start with 6 months of Top Side Operations, Tending and Swift Water Rescue training during your probation period.  After 6 months, you are eligible for SMFC to pay for dive certification training or reimburse you for dive certification you took during your 6 month probation.  Classes that you want to be reimbursed should be checked for eligibility before you take them.

New Dive Team members are eligible to perform underwater operations if they have previous Open Water/Basic Dive Certification.  Any certifications needed would be subject to the 6 month probationary rules for reimbursement/payment.