This morning Spring Mill Fire Company No.1, along with mutual aid support from Barren Hill Fire Company, Conshohocken Fire Department, Plymouth Fire Company, and Harmonville Fire Company, we’re dispatched for a Non-Commercial Building fire. The initial report was that the kitchen wall was hot and smoke was coming out of it. Squad 45 and its crew arrived quickly with nothing evident from the exterior, so the crew went inside to investigate further. Upon entry into the building Captain 45 immediately smelled an odor of wood burning. Crews from all 5 companies continued to investigate the odor throughout the first floor and narrowed it down to a fire in the wall, in the kitchen. The best access to extinguish the fire with the least amount of damage was to open the wall from the exterior. Crews were able to pinpoint the exact location outside utilizing their thermal imaging cameras. Once the wall was opened up, they discovered a smoldering fire in the insulation and at one of the support studs. The fire was quickly extinguished and crews continued with overhaul to ensure that there was no extension into the building. The incident was then turned over to the local Fire Marshal to conduct his investigation. Thank you to Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company, Conshohocken Fire Company No. 2, Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43), and Harmonville Fire Company No.1 for your support. It was a job well done by all of the units on location.

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