On Monday, June 12 at 15:31 hours Spring Mill Fire Company was dispatched for an Electrical Fire Outside on River Road. Engine 45 with a crew of 6 responded to the incident with Assistant 45 in charge. The crew arrived to find a tree that would randomly come into contact with a power line, causing it to arc. Assistant 45 notified Montgomery County Emergency Dispatch Center that there was nothing the fire company could do and that the power supplier needed to respond to remediate the situation.
At 16:12 hours the company was dispatched back to River Road for a reported tree on fire. Assistant 45 responded to investigate the report, when arriving on the scene he found a large portion of the tree had now fallen onto the roadway and there was brush on fire alongside the roadway and the Schuylkill River Bike Path. Assistant 45 had Engine 45 and Fire Police respond to the incident. Upon their arrival, Fire Police shut down 1 lane of River Road and Engine 45’s crew extinguished the burning brush and tree. The company was made available and Fire Police remained on location keeping one lane of traffic open until Whitemarsh Township Public Works was able to clear the roadway.