Calling 90 seconds into a fire means the fire is 3x bigger

One of the most stressful events in someone’s life is having a fire start in their house. It is an unexpected, dangerous and emotional experience that can take away most of your possessions and lead to injury or worse.

If you experience a fire, call 911 first. This will get us on the road quicker than waiting for a neighbor or passerby to see and call it in. People tend to try and fight the fire with sink hoses, buckets, showers and other improvised fire fighting methods before calling 911.

What most people don’t know is that fire doubles in size every 30-45 seconds.If a bedroom fire started at the beginning of this article, the flame are almost to the ceiling. In another 30 seconds, it will be difficult to breath, see and escape.

If you wait to call 911, even 90 seconds after a fire starts, the fire is approximately 3x as big as when it started.

Please watch Lancashire Fire’s bedroom fire test below to see how fast a bedroom fire spreads.  What to know how to give yourself more time and be safer during a fire? Take the Closed Door Pledge.

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