Today at 10:17 hours Spring Mill Fire Company was dispatched for a General Rescue at 1200 River Road, AIM Academy, with the report of a 15-year-old student with their finger stuck inside a pipe of a brick wall.
Squad and Chief 45 with a crew of 4 members responded immediately after dispatch. Deputy 7-1 was initially on-scene confirming the report of a student with their finger stuck inside a pipe on the 3rd floor.
Squad 45 arrived on the scene and its crew gathered hand tools to start the rescue operation to remove the victim’s finger from the pipe. Chief 45 assumed AIM Command during the extrication process. It was determined that the safest extrication method was to utilize hand tools to chip away at the brick and mortar around the pipe. In coordination with Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association, it was determined that this would be a methodical process considering the patient’s stable condition. Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association did a great job keeping the patient calm and comfortable during the rescue operation while rescue crews operated to remove the bricks.
After approximately 40 minutes the crews were able to free the patient’s finger from the wall, to make the rescue complete. Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association transported the victim with the pipe still on their finger to CHOP Philadelphia for further treatment.
It was a job well done by all of our first responders.