📢 Attention, Whitemarsh Township residents! 🚨
We wanted to share an exciting update about the technical rescue training conducted by Spring Mill Fire Company No.1. Yesterday, on Monday, May 22nd at 19:00 hours, our dedicated volunteers engaged in a vital low-angle technical rescue drill on River Road.
The scenario simulated a cyclist being struck by a vehicle, resulting in the patient being ejected from the bicycle and landing approximately 30 feet down an embankment on River Road. Our skilled members arrived on the scene, assessed the situation, and formulated a comprehensive plan to extract the patient from the embankment back up to the roadway above.
This training session was carried out under the expert guidance and observation of trainers from Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC. A big shout-out and heartfelt gratitude to Bill Elder and his team for joining us, providing valuable insight, and helping critique our scenario.
Given the increased bicycle activity in our area, it is crucial for us to continually sharpen our skills in this function. We believe that by conducting such training exercises, we enhance our ability to respond effectively and efficiently to real-life emergencies.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the volunteers and trainers involved in making this training session a success. Your commitment and dedication to serving our community are truly commendable.
Stay tuned for more updates and remember to stay safe while enjoying outdoor activities. Together, we can create a safer environment for all. 💪🚒 #SpringMillFireCompany #TechnicalRescueTraining #CommunitySafety